We live in a global village whereby events in other countries have major impact on our lives. These events are sometimes not covered by the mainstream news media. In this site these current international events which impact our lives are analyzed  in an objective manner.The purpose is to enlighten visitors to the site with a progressive view of world events.

Today the world is a multi polar world of alliance. One one side we have western countries led by U.S. Other side we have the Russia and China alliance which is challenging the U.S lead alliance politically, economically and militarily. Finally we also have new players such as Islamic fundamentalism led by ISIL and Al Qaeda challenging the two alliances. This has led in some cases to partnership between U.S alliance and Russia led alliance. Syria is an example of this partnership.  Although the two alliances are in direct confrontation in Ukraine and South China sea, they are willing to cooperate in Syria, Middle East and North Africa,  where they face another threat in the form of ISIL.  Read the article Nationalism and Trump....

Passing away of Comrade Fidel is a major setback to progressive forces in the world.  By his steadfastness comrade Fidel has been an inspiration. He continued to write on world issues and provided valuable insights until his last breath. 


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