Donald Trump - New insights

Donald Trump has been US president for more than a year. During this period what we see and hear are the Russian scandal and other scandals. On the other hand we do not hear much about Trump's successes in strengthening US capitalist class with his US first policy. This article looks at these new insights.

On the economic front. before Trump came to power, globalization was advancing around the world . New markets were being created or captures. Although globalization was an effort by Western bourgeoisie to capture the entire world market, there were some side effects especially the growth of China , India and other economic powers. China has emerged as the world's second biggest economic power and India soon to be third biggest economic power. US economic power has been waning . After Trump took over a series of actions which can be classified as bullying started. Threat of tariff increases has exposed the weaknesses of Chinese , European Union are now exposed. Trump is using the threat of tariff increases to have new economic deals with China, European Union etc to have better deals to US and redress the balance of payments. So far these threats are working. China , European Union , Mexico, India are all lining up to negotiate. The "bullying" tactic is working.  In addition by attacking Chinese Multinationals operating in US , Trump is weakening them and making them ripe for take over by US capitalists. Trump will continue with these tactics until China is made another "Japan". Ultimately Trump's objective is to bring back globalization to original objective the dominance of the world economy by US. 

On the immigration front, threats against Mexico is working. US has stemmed illegal immigration successfully and will allow for the immigration of whites. In line with his political backers , objective of Trump's immigration policy is to maintain the current demographics which was under the threat due to illegal immigration. Furthermore Democrats cannot win the presidential elections with the coalition of blacks, hispanics and women as Obama did. Furthermore Trump is using immigration as a threat to pressurize Latin America especially Central America to submit to US capitalist.

On the foreign policy , threat of war against North Korea has led to talks. China has been pressured by economic threats to force North Korea to negotiate. North Korean issue has been around for more than 60 years. US wants to de-nuclearise North Korea and get into North Korean markets. Talks will lead to that conclusion. At the same time by attacking Syria with 105 missiles over nothing, US is demonstrating Russia that it remains the only superpower.

On the whole , while rest of the world sees Trump as an erratic US president there is a method and success in his actions. As a capitalist he knows how to browbeat his competitors . That is what he is doing successfully for US. There may be long term consequences.