Guinea counter revolution

Last week there was an assassination attempt on the leader of Guinea's military Government Capt.Dadis Camara. Although Dadis has survived the attempt, he is seriously injured and has been flown to Morocco for treatment. In the meantime Gen Konate who is the defence minister has temporily assumed the leadership.
The assassination attempt looks similar to other assassinations carried out in the rest of Africa and world against progressive leaders by reactionary forces and their foreign backers.

Same thing happened in Burkino Faso when Capt Thomas Sankara was assassinated ostensibly in an internal fight. Later it was shown that French secret services was behind the killing. French and U.S has constantly assasssinated progressive leaders in Africa. List starts from Patrice Lumumba and grows.

French and western interests wants Dadis out because he has dared to challenge Rio Monte and other multinationals which control bauxite mines in Guinea.Dadis and the military governement wants to protect Guinean national interests. Former president Lamsana Conte sold Guinea to western interests for his own profits.

Western interests along with their supporters in Ecowas were trying to overthrow Guinean military government for the past few months. They were supporting opposition parties and creating turmoil and chaos. Their agent  provocateurs in the military were responsible for the stadium incident two months when civilians were killed by the presidential guard. It is no surprising that it was the presidential guard which tried to kill Dadis.

Dadis was first admitted to Morocco for treatment. During this period Gen.Konate took over as the acting head of state. Dadis tried to return to Guinea and was diverted to Burkino Faso. Burkinable leader Campoare who took over after Thomas Sankara's assassination and carried out the counter revolution has now became the god father of a counter revolution in Guinea. Dadis has been literally detained in Burkino Faso and Konate has assumed full powers in Guinea. He has purged military of all pro Dadis officers and arrested some of them under fake charges. He has also reinstated Conte loyalists. With the support of western countries he has called for elections in June. These elections will lead to the power corrupt Conte loyalists.

It was a sad end to an effort to radically change the Guinea's ownership of it's mineral wealth. Dadis and his supporters should have learned a lesson from what happened in the neighboring countries such as Thomas Sankara. Western powers in Africa has always followed the same methods  to remove any progressive leaders  whether it is Patrice Lumumba or Thomas Sankara. Now it is repeated again in Guinea.

When elections were held in June veteran opposition leader Conde was elected as President. He has taken strong stand on Guinea's sovereignty and wants to renegotiate all the existing commercial agreements. In the meantime Konate has been appointed head of AU forces.
One of Dadis allies Moussa Keita has accused Konate of stealing 20 million dollars from state coffers. Soon after the accusations were made Keita has been arrested and detained .

There has been an attempt on the life of President Alpha Conde by some elements of the military.

July 20, 2011