Why West wants regime change in Syria and Iran

New opposition coalition has been formed in Syria. Pro western Arab states have rushed to recognise the coalition as the "legitimate representative" of Syrian people although the coalition holds no sizable territory inside Syria. In Iran U.S is beating war drums over the attack on U.S drone. With U.S election behind , Obama administration will be working hard to overthrow Syrian and Iranian regimes. Question is why West wants to overthrow these two governments.
In order to understand west's objectives we should look into the fundamental contradiction in middle east. Primary contradiction is between the Zionist entity Israel and Palestinian people. Palestinian struggle has intensified into an armed struggle with the support of Iran and Syria. Israel occupation of Lebanon was brought to a crushing defeat by Hezbollah with the support of Syria and Iran. Similarly Gaza has been liberated by Hamas with the support of Syria and Iran. West recognizes that it's client state of Israel's own survival is in jeopardy if Syrian and Iranian regime's are not removed. After failing to crush hezbollah or hamas , west is going for the jugular i.e Syrian regime and Iranian regimes.
In part Syrian regime contributed to its current predicament. Bashar Assad who came to power after his father's death opened up the economy to western interests. This in turn brought corruption and crony capitalism and made the Assad government and Baath party unpopular. Arab spring opened up the dissatisfaction and west is exploiting the situation to overthrow the government.
Will the western backed coalition be better than Assad government?. Looking at Libya and Iraq where regime changes were effected, one would conclude otherwise. Western backed coalition will sign a peace treaty with Israel and abandon decades of support to Palestinians. Thus both hezbollah and Palestinians will lose the only rear base they had consistently for decades.This would allow Israel to crush the Palestinian resistance in both Gaza and west bank. Hamas thinks that its new Muslim brotherhood friends in Egypt and gulf states will replace Syrian support. These new friends are clients of west will abandon Hamas at the first opportunity just like they dumped Saddam against west.
As the Syrian civil war intensifies Israeli aggression towards Palestinian people too would intensify.
West intentions in Iran are more than just the Palestinian issue. Iran along with Venezuela are the only oil producing states not controlled by U.S . Once Iranian regime is overthrown U.S will have a total monopoly of oil in middle east. This would allow U.S to control oil export to China which is a growing economic power.
Currently both Syria and Iran are the only states in middle east to buy arms from Russia. Once these regimes are overthrown Russia will not have any foothold in middle east. Russia would have lost it's only mediterranean port at Taurus. Russia will become a regional power rather than a global power.
Both Russia and China understand the Western strategy in Middle east. But they are not in a position to effectively counter that strategy.

Updated Nov 15 , 2012