Indonesian Coup

Events in Indonesia in 1965 led to the massacre of the then third largest communist party in the world PKI. PKI had 3 million members. It was not only the party members who were massacred. In addition hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians were massacred after being accused of being communist sympathizers. Genocide of such proportions went unpunished . Reason was that the massacre and destruction of the PKI was carried out Indonesian military with the full support and connivance of United States. In fact the events in 1965 was a well planned CIA coup. In order to understand these events we have to look at the history of Indonesia .

Indonesia was a dutch colony and was called dutch east indies. However there was local resistance to dutch rulers. One of the important leaders of the resistance was Ahmed Sukarno. Sukarno was a nationalist. During the Japanese occupation and subsequent Dutch reoccupation , PKI organized the popular resistance . As such when Dutch left and Sukarno came to power , PKI was a well organised and strongest political party in Indonesia. Many of the national resistance fighters constituted the Indonesian military. Sukarno and many of the leaders of military were representatives of the national bourgeois. There was an uneasy coalition between national bourgeois and PKI during the national liberation struggle. However the relationship between Sukarno and PKI was reasonably good. In fact Sukarno was maintaining a political balance between PKI and nationalist officers in the military.

On foreign policy , Sukarno maintained a balance between socialist bloc and USA. PKI was close to China ideologically and Sukarno had excellent relations with China. On the other hand military was trained by US and US supplied weaponry to Indonesian military. US , specifically trained the special forces including the head Gen. Suharto. In fact CIA has infiltrated the military extensively. Although the top brass remained nationalistic and loyal to Sukarno, there were officers like Suharto who were recruited by CIA. By 1965 , Vietnam war was intensifying and Indonesia was extremely critical to US interests both economically and strategically. US feared a possible PKI government in Indonesia more than a communist Vietnam. US saw a PKI led Indonesia as an extension of China and threat to Australia and Malacca straits. Large percentage of US trade passed through Malacca straits. In addition US did not trust Sukarno. US saw Sukarno as dangerous populist and close to China . In US eyes Sukarno was of the same mold as Patrice Lumumba of Congo. Therefore US was working hard to oust Sukarno and destroy PKI. At Politcal level CIA worked with the reactionary Muslim parties which were opposed to Sukarno. These Muslim parties were anti communist and anti Chinese. Ethnic fears of Chinese domination was used to wipe up anti chinese and anti PKI emotions. Muslim fundamentalists were financed by CIA .

However CIA could not carry out a straight forward military coup as the top brass was loyal to Sukarno. However CIA infiltrated junior officers who were PKI sympathizers . These officers were told that the top brass was planning a coup against Sukarno. On October 1st 1965 , these officers attacked the top brass and all the top brass except Gen Nasution were killed. This opened the opportunity for Gen Suharto to carry out the real CIA coup. Suharto and the rest of the military crushed the junior officers involved in the coup and carried out the real agenda which was the destruction of the PKI. Military and its fundamentalist muslim allies carried out the genocide. Sukarno remained a figurehead.

One of the important aspect of these events was the reaction of Soviet Union. Although China vehemently condemned the genocide, Soviet Union was silent. USSR saw the PKI as pro chinese and wanted to maintain its relationship with military. This misguided stand of the USSR was also repeated when Sudanese Communist party was crushed by Gen Numery. These mistakes of the Soviet Union later in a way contributed to the downfall of Soviet Union.

One of the by products of the events was the growth of Islamic fundamentalism in Indonesia. US supported military and Suharto used fundamentalist to crush PKI and later any opposition. This Frankenstein monster created by CIA just like in Afghanistan has taken on an identity on its own and has become a serious threat to South East Asia.

Indonesian genocide is much more than what happened in Cambodia or in Rwanda. As the genocide is US sponsored , not a single international bodies has even lifted a finger in question.

Jan 2012